Making Appointments

We suggest you nominate someone in the pharmacy to be responsible for

MediPOINT Health Pharm.

Best for the person responsible for your MediPOINT HealthPharm to make a note of your Patient Clients details who wish to have treatment in your MediPOINT Health Pharm. The person responsible to pass the client details to the appropriate Qualified Professional Practitioner in the therapy area required and the Practitioner to make contact with Your client to arrange an appointment to provide treatment in your MediPOINT Health Pharm in a Safe Clean Environment.

The above process sounds a bit complicated however this will be simplified by the introduction of our Sister Project MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosks to be installed in 20000 Pharmacies and Health Centres at no cost to the Host Pharmacy or Health Centre subject to getting support from 300 Pharmaceutical Companies. We have written to over 1100 Pharmaceutical Companies to explain that they can feature ALL their products on MediPOINT Touch Screen Network in 20000 locations for just 14p Per Week Per Site for 3 Years.

MediPOINT Kiosk will be used for: 

Touch Activity Research Data to help Pharmaceutical Companies develop new medicines

POM Patient Counselling on a Secure Health Professional Access Only Feature

POM related Disease Awareness initiatives with No POM Products mentioned on Self Help

Staff Training

Product launches

Promote OTCs and P medicines in Self Help A - Z Index of illnesses and Picture Feature

Pharmaceutical Companies will get to use the MediPOINT Kiosk in all 20000 locations for ALL their products with ALL the features mentioned above for just 14p Per Week Per Site for 3 Years

Public Bodies including NHS will be able to use the MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosk Network for health care initiatives Free of Charge.

MediPOINT Kiosk DEMO program in build can be seen here

The MediPOINT Kiosk will have a Card Reader and will simplify administration associated with running your MediPOINT HealthPharm with the following features:

Making appointments by Pharmacy clients to receive treatment in MediPOINT Health Pharm

Pharmacy clients will be able to pay Practitioners

Practitioners will be able to pay Pharmacy agreed rate for using MediPOINT Health Pharm

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